Financial Automation System



Consisting of 5 main groups, Mosip is a financial management automation system that serves all of Turkey both in terms of the budget and information it manages and in terms of the person it continuously serves(77 million).

Mosip is the largest financial management automation system project in Turkey with its structure consisting of premium collection, payment, collection, general health insurance(GSS), 5 main groups as budget and 50 sub-modules.

Mosip, which started to be developed in 2008, has made great gains to SGK(Social Security Institution of the Republic of Turkey) with its structure that can be held accountable, produce Court of accounts reports and can work with the first and only e-signature support in the financial management systems available in Turkey.

With Tokim;


With the automating of corporate processes, an average annual gain of TL 15,390,000 was achieved with a personnel saving of approximately 30%.


The Mosip system and e-signature integration provided an annual Paper cost gain of approximately TL 2,697,363 and time savings according to 2012 data.


Instant collections are processed through the online collection system by closing all tellers within the institution and ensuring integration with the banks.


The system is able to exchange data with internal and external integrations, most importantly with the integration of UYAP, execution cuts are made automatically.


All payments and collections are made automatically through the banks. All interruptions are made automatically.


Mosip automatically controls and accounts for accruals from the employer system and other systems with which it is integrated.

Benefits Of Automation

The ability to accurately and efficiently track financial information is crucial in maximizing profitability and reducing overhead expenses. Automated financial systems can allow manufacturers to quickly assemble financial statements and balance sheets, which not only eliminates lengthy manual processes but also provides the necessary data to make important business decisions. More timely information can be produced automatically, and reports can be generated for management with the click of a button.

Having an integrated financial accounting system can make the difference between a manufacturer that merely survives and one that thrives. An integrated application can address all operational and accounting needs to improve reporting, coordinate production, determine correct stock levels, control information flow across the enterprise, and more.

In addition, automated financial systems can break down departmental barriers and enable staff members to gather data quickly from both inside and outside their own departments. Data is keyed only once, instead of being re-keyed into different.

Employees can access information immediately after it is entered in the system, rather than waiting for a data update. Customer records are instantly available, which improves communication and customer service, and orders arrive in real-time from sales to the plant.
The lag times that result from moving data from one system to another decrease. Most importantly, as efficiencies increase, personnel are able to address other tasks.

Mosip in Summary;


Providing transparency in the account and registration scheme


Meeting the information needs of management and others involved and will be the basis for the removal of the exact account


Where the budget can be managed


Reliably accounted for


Enabling effective operation of decision, control and accountability processes


The financial statements are timely, accurate, in accordance with international standards around the basic concepts of accounting and generally accepted accounting principles


Providing accountability and uniformity


It is a financial automation management system integrated with other applications and external environment within SGK.