KAYS (System of Development Agencies)


KAYS is a management system project developed with Tokim software’ s WAD-e technology that strengthens the institutional functioning of 26 development agencies operating within the Ministry of development, improves the efficiency of existing financial processes within the organization and provides financial management.

The services carried out by KAYS project include the following activities;


Within the scope of the Ministry of development, monitoring, auditing and general definitions of the activities of agencies, Regional Plan, activity definitions, work programs, agency budget and spending programs are carried out.


Within the scope of the Central Administration; adding the newly established agency to the system, updating the registered agency information from the system, appointing the secretary general, adding – removing the ministry user, adding-removing the agency logo are performed.


At the beginning of the semester, budget arrangements, agency shares, local institution shares, functional and economic classification activities are carried out while adding municipal list, executive offices, bill of materials, salary coefficient, plan of account information are carried out during the semester.


Within the scope of agency management; personnel addition, authorization and proxy, expenditure unit and board member addition and removal operations are carried out.


At the beginning of the semester, the Regional Plan of the agency, definitions of activities, work program, budget ceiling and expenditure program activities are carried out and the budget approved by the agency is submitted to the Ministry of development for approval.


The expenditure program for the approved budget is created and accounted for.


Budget changes made during the period are revised through KAYS.


Agencies are able to carry out spending and accounting activities and receive financial reports related to these activities through KAYS.


Within the scope of the spending processes; procurement of Goods, Service Procurement, periodic payments, personnel payments, travel expenses, project payments, evaluator payments and other purchases can be monitored through the system and agency expenditures are made to a certain standard.


The expenditure processes carried out through the system are carried out step by step within the framework of the approval mechanisms in accordance with the legislation; the list of requirements is prepared, the expenditure instructions attached to this list are created and the payment process is carried out.


Goods, services and other purchases; the agency's vehicles, stationery, consumer goods used for representative hospitality, security and cleaning v.b. used to meet their needs.


Within the scope of periodic payments; rent, electricity, natural gas, internet, newspaper subscription, motor vehicle tax, telephone etc.b. it covers regular payments and related activities are carried out.


The salary of the personnel is calculated in three ways: cut, difference and normal salary over the insurance information defined monthly within the scope of the payments. Payroll information about the calculated salary is generated through the system and the payment process is performed. Travel expenses are realized in two different ways; domestic and foreign.


Within the scope of Project payments, financial support is realized under the headings of direct activity support and technical support.


Within the scope of evaluator payments, activities related to payments made to Public Personnel, private and Higher Education staff involved in the project evaluation process are carried out.


Within the scope of accounting operations, the beginning of the period, budget and budget revisions, spending programs, commitments, guarantees, receivables from persons, escrow, bank collection, payment, end of period transactions and expenditures are carried out in accordance with the accounting structure of the agents and follow-up is provided.