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3rd Party Logistics Based On Our Technological Solutions

Our Service

3PL providers are integrated into our company’s warehousing and transportation procedures. By scaling and customizing services, Tokim 3PL can best meet your specific needs. We can provide a single service for your supply chain or deliver a bundle of services that extend across multiple aspects of your supply chain. Our services work with you to provide visibility to all aspects of the supply chain. Additionally, Tokim 3PL create value in ways that enhance your operational, financial, and end customer performance.

What We Offer ?

  • Ordering and receiving goods from elsewhere in the supply chain.

  • Receiving orders from customers, picking and packing and arranging for the orders to be completed and sent out.

  • We also offer a range of supplementary services including IT systems integration, inventory management, data exchange, reporting and reverse logistics.

  • Providing temporary storage for goods in warehouses and similar locations.

  • Arranging for the consolidation, deconsolidation, management and transportation of goods.

Why You Should Choose Tokim 3pl

01. Cost Reduction

Tokim has more leverage with freight companies than individual shippers do. Working with carriers on behalf of multiple customers, we can negotiate pricing based on volume and order frequency. Using Tokim 3PL to manage all or part of your supply chain also gives you the freedom to invest in other key areas to grow and develop your business.

02. Scale Up or Down as Needed

Most businesses experience fluctuations in demand throughout the year. Using Tokim 3PL allows you to manage peaks and troughs more effectively without having to commit to capital when you don’t need to.

03. A Better Customer Experience

Customers expect next-day or same-day shipping as standard. Using us allows you to offer fast shipping no matter where the order is being sent, thanks to having access to Tokim 3PL’s wide distribution network.

04. Test new markets

With Tokim 3PL, you have the flexibility to test the waters in new markets without having to commitment to any major investments like your own warehousing space or staff.

05. Mitigate risk

Shipping delays can and do happen for a number of reasons. When unforeseen circumstances pop up, Tokim 3PL is responsible for making alternate arrangements to fulfil your orders as quickly as possible. You’ll also be protected in the event of damage or loss of goods.

06. Gain Instant Expertise and Knowledge In the Field

Especially if you’re just starting out, who better to take care of your logistics than a company that specializes in them like us? Fulfillment, warehousing and shipping come with major challenges of their own, so handing it off to the experts can really make a difference in the way you function - and it leaves you to focus on increasing your overall value to your customers.

07. Get a Handle on International Logistics

If you’re selling internationally, Tokim 3pl can take care of documentation, customs, duties and other issues that come up at the borders that can delay your shipments and result in high costs if not done thoroughly. Plus, you save time trying to work out complicated rules pertaining to different countries.

08. Generate Cost Savings

When it comes to warehousing, not having to maintain your own space and staff can be a big cost-saving measure. But, Tokim which provide good inventory forecasting can help optimize your inventory levels and save money on inventory holding costs.

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Our Software Solutions

Inventory Management System
Start preparing orders quickly with stock management software in the next generation cloud. Tokim provides the following order fulfillment functions:

  • Marketplace and shopping cart integration

  • Carrier & cargo integration

  • Accounting system integration

  • Open source API's

  • Preventing excess sales

  • Preventing sales miss

  • Pending order management
3PL Warehouse Management System
Created to be exceedingly dependable and adaptable, Tokim 3PL Warehouse Management System utilizes an innovative database architecture and design to minimize data loss, simplify report writing and help increase the speed of searches and system performance.

  • Customizable, flexible billing engine

  • Captures & bills for value added services

  • Create customer specific invoices, labels, reports, etc.

  • Segregate inventory by owner

  • 24/7 web portal accessible anywhere on any type of device

  • Cutting edge functionality for e-commerce & omni-channel fulfillment

Transportation Management System
Tokim TMS helps businesses optimize management and transporting goods, thereby saving operating costs and labor.

  • Tokim TMS provides all the necessary reports to monitor each individual transport and stay in control.

  • Our TMS underpins full multi-modal arranging and transport and has the essential ‘routing intelligence and geo-management tools, such as a comprehensive graphical arranging board with progressed maps to rapidly and viably intercede when required.

  • Our TMS can be connected to a wide range of external systems easily.

  • The TMS will discover diverse sorts of transportation contracts, with all rates are calculated automatically for you. In addition, the result is instantly clear to you, your accomplices and shared items.

  • Have real-time understanding into the costs and incomes per client, per transport, shipment or unit at any minute and at any level to precisely keep track of your benefit and business results.

  • No matter how huge your ambitions are, our TMS develops along side your business. Modern businesses will be rapidly and consistently coordinates into the TMS.