Empower Your E-Commerce Business

Best-In-Class Technology and Automation Make Tokim the Best Logistics Partner For Your E-Commerce Business

Amazon Prep,Fulfillment and Solutions

Tokim empowers you to run your ecommerce business with fulfillment centers near your customers and the tools to maintain control over inventory, orders, and shipments.

We Offer ;

  • Our completely integrated cloud-based order management system makes it easy for you to ship and track your orders.

  • The end-to-end process from pickup to delivery is monitored by our central tower and any exceptions are fixed proactively with timely updates to customers.

  • Our fulfillment center is strategically located for U.S and international shipping. It is highly secure with systems, infrastructure, video cameras and employee to protect your merchandise.

  • Tokim uses return merchandise authorization(RMA) labels to assist customers in returning items. The provider inspects and processes the re-inventory of the returned item. You can track and manage returns from the web portal where you also manage orders.

  • If your product requires additional assembly, Tokim handles complex items including customized boxing and bagging and custom kitting. This saves you time and minimize kitting wastage.

  • A dedicated support team is assigned to you and is based in the fulfillment center where your items are.

Why You Should Choose Tokim 3pl

01. Savings through Package Consolidation

By packaging more items together we ensure our clients need to ship fewer items. This package consolidation is made possible because of the right configuration to our system. The benefits are obvious as in the case of a client that was able to reduce their packages-per-order by 22% over their previous fulfillment partners. This helped our clientsS save thousands of dollars in shipping charges each month.

02. Less Work

It is obvious that a huge chunk of the work involved in your eCommerce business is transferred to us. For instance, imagine running your eCommerce business with you as a one-man staff and your home serving as your office, warehouse, packaging area, shipment point, processing center, and more. Now consider outsourcing with us to take care of everything, leaving you with just your office to oversee your online business.

03. Customer experience

With many convenient options you can provide your customers such as assured and quick delivery, multiple shipping and payment choices, easy return policy, and quality customer service, you’ll be able to provide great customer experience, expand your customer base, and realize better profits.

04. Software and Technology

While most fulfillment providers utilize third-party software or basic in-house software, we have set a benchmark for the industry by developing our own sophisticated technology and software solutions to provide top rate fulfillment services. Our processes and systems are automated and optimized so that our clients get an affordable solution that creates a delightful buying experience for their customers. Plus, we constantly update our services to maximize efficiency. In addition, we configure our warehouse so that handling and freight are improved.

How the process works ?


Connect Your Store & Ship Your Products

Our service connects easily with major shopping carts and eCommerce platforms so that when orders come through your store, Tokim automatically receives them and processes the orders. Once products are shipped for delivery, our service updates your store with tracking information, closes the order, and updates your inventory.


We Receive & Store Your Products at our Warehouses

With Tokim’s network of fulfillment centers in the largest US cities, you have access to a powerful geographic footprint. We own and operate our fulfillment centers and help you strategically split and manage your inventory to reduce shipping costs and time in transit.


Your Customer Orders , We Pick, Pack & Ship

Tokim considers the best and most cost-effective option for each order to have it shipped to its shipping destination. Once the order ships are delivered, tracking details will be pushed back to your online store and sent to your customers so they stay in the loop every move.


Strategy, Scale & Support | eCommerce Seller Solutions

Do you need more than just storage & fulfilment? We also set up an eCommerce team of experts ,to help manage and develop every aspect of your company on Amazon along with any issues that come ,our way through Tokim. What makes us special is so much more than a simple solution for warehousing and fulfillment.

Our Software Solutions

Inventory Management System
Start preparing orders quickly with stock management software in the next generation cloud. Tokim provides the following order fulfillment functions:

  • Marketplace and shopping cart integration

  • Carrier & cargo integration

  • Accounting system integration

  • Open source API's

  • Preventing excess sales

  • Preventing sales miss

  • Pending order management
Warehouse Management System
Created to be exceedingly dependable and adaptable, Tokim Warehouse Management System utilizes an innovative database architecture and design to minimize data loss, simplify report writing and help increase the speed of searches and system performance.

  • Customizable, flexible billing engine

  • Captures & bills for value added services

  • Create customer specific invoices, labels, reports, etc.

  • Segregate inventory by owner

  • 24/7 web portal accessible anywhere on any type of device

  • Cutting edge functionality for e-commerce & omni-channel fulfillment

Freight Optimization System
Our freight optimization software is designed to calculate the best and least expensive carrier through which to ship orders.