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Electronic Toll Collection Systems

Tokim is a world-leader with vast experience in designing, developing and deploying Electronic Toll Collection Systems utilizing passive RFID.

AI Based Intelligent Transportation Systems

As a pioneer in providing simulation solutions to the defense industry, Tokim Software provides complete spectrum of technologies required to test new materials, new designs and new operational scenarios.

Cloud Based Secure Software Solutions

Special "Divvy Drive" Platform cryptos, stores, authorizes, versions, backups, and gives you access to all your data from anywhere. Thus, you can protect and make secure accessible the mission critical data over the Internet or Intranet.

Data Privacy Consultancy Services & Software Solutions

One of the Tokim's business areas and solutions is Data Privacy. Anymore there are regulations on the protection of personal data in many countries. Such as GDPR in the European Union and Data Privacy Act in the United States. As Tokim, we are your biggest help in how to protect your private data and ensure accountability.

Big Data & Data Analytics Services

The growth in volume of big data is huge and is coming from everywhere, every second of the day. Systems and devices including computers, smart phones, appliances and equipment generate and build upon the existing massive data sets.

Cyber Security Solutions

Tokim offers cybersecurity solutions and services that empower and protect the world’s most security-conscious enterprises. Our pedigree in information and cybersecurity spans three decades

Tailor-Made Corporate Software Solutions

We develop tailor-made software solutions to your corporate needs.

IT Solutions

The system, network and security solutions required by all the advanced technology solutions we offer are also provided to you by our IT professionals as supporting elements in an end-to-end solution.