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Sensitive Data Inventory Solution

SDI Solution helps companies to manage personal datas used in their business processes. With this online application, you can model all your company's business processes, according to operate individuals personal data using in the processes.

Modelling starts with some definitions like:

  • Company information and people responsible from personal data management process
  • Department Names,
  • Business Process Names,
  • (If exists) Extended personel datas that special to company
  • (If exists) Regulatory rules that special to company
  • (If exists) Technical and administrative preventions that special to company
  • (If exists) Other personal data usage parameters (like special data storage time periods, data sharing groups, processing goals, etc.)

With these inputs, you can starting modelling with all personal data inventories according to:

  • Processes,
  • Departments,
  • Regulatory rules,
  • Legal goals,
  • Target data people groups,
  • Purpose of operation with personal datas,
  • Sharing groups,
  • Data storage technics and time periods,
  • Data prevention rules

At the end, you can see end-to end lifecycle of personel datas that processing into the company. You can also automaticallly generate clarification texts which could be complinanced and signed by individuals before the related business process begins.