Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Our mission is our reason for being what we get up and come to work every day to do. It is the driving purpose that sustains us as we tackle the toughest jobs, the harshest environments, and the most complex, vital situations.

Mission: Deliver and operate scalable, integrated, and client-centric Facilities, Logistics, and targeted IT capabilities and solutions


Our Vision

Our vision articulates what we can be at our very best.

Vision: Be an innovator and global leader in the convergence of our clients’ physical and digital infrastructure and supply chains.


Our Values

TOKİM is a values-based corporation. Our core values represent the unyielding belief system and principles that guide us in all we say and do. They are nested with our customers and they guide not only how we engage them, but also how we treat each other. Our values provide a solid foundation for our corporate responsibility program, corporate ethics and compliance, our environment, safety and health policies and our relationships with the communities we serve.


Values: Integrity, Respect, Responsibility


  • We hold ourselves to the highest standard of ethical conduct
  • We communicate with honesty and courage
  • We are consistent in what we say and do



  • We treat others fairly and courteously
  • We value different ideas, opinions, and experiences
  • We demonstrate compassion and humility by understanding the challenges of our constituents



  • We demonstrate a positive spirit and perseverance to overcome adversity
  • We promote a safe and secure workplace while ensuring quality in all we do
  • We embrace our role as a global citizen by caring for our community and the environment.