Quality Policy

Meet The Expectation

Establishing quality standards with our customers prior to the commencement of any project is critical for credibility and trust reasons. Tokim offers comprehensive product and customer support services, providing bespoke solutions in accordance with customer requirements, and following all appropriate regulation, procedures and guidance. Tokim utilises examples of industry best practice and standards to inform its methods of working.

Tokim is comprised of a dynamic team of talented engineers, analysts and support staff who develop leading technological solutions and services for our partners and customers.

We specialise in bespoke software solutions incorporating analysis, design, implementation and ongoing support for our clients across a range of sectors in the USA and Turkey.



Our quality policy is to understand and meet (or exceed) our customers' quality expectations, and to efficiently deliver our quality objectives through reliable processes, which are continually reviewed, improved and supports the strategic direction of the company. This is achieved through maintaining a documented Quality Management system which complies with the ISO 9001:2015 standards.



Recognising and rewarding great quality performance, from both teams and individuals.



To provide leadership and encourage engagement of people through our processes and relationship management.



Develop staff competencies, creativity, empowerment and accountability through appropriate development programs and show strong management involvement and commitment..



Drive continual improvement and innovation based upon efficient business processes, well defined measurements, best practices and customer feedback.